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Shri Yantram

Shri Yantram comprises of nine interlocking triangles - four vertical ones addressing Shiva, and five descending ones addressing Shakti. Every one of these encompasses the main issue, the Bindu. These triangles address the universe and the human body. As a result of its nine triangles, Shri Yantra is otherwise called the Navayoni Chakra.

The love of the Sri Yantra is vital to the Sri Vidya arrangement of Hindu love. It addresses the Goddess as Devi Tripura Sundari, the regular magnificence of the three universes: Bhu Loka (Actual Plane, Awareness of the Actual Plane), Bhuvar Loka (Antariksha or Middle Space, Sub-Cognizance of the Prana) and Swar Loka (Svarga or Paradise or Super-Cognizance of the Heavenly Brain). The Sri Yantra is the object of dedication in Sri Vidya.

As accepted Sri Yantram is an instrument for managing all aspirations. It isn't like sorcery, it simply clears the intellect and influences to concentrate towards the objective. Contemplating upon the images of the yantra will help in the transparency of beliefs and the brain. This is an exceptionally productive and powerful approach to pulling together towards the objective. This bright and strong Sri Yantram offers many advantages to an individual. It brings profound as well as material abundance. It drives away the negative energy from by and large around your environmental elements. It is assumed as an essential part of evading negative energies off. Because of the expanded impact of negativity, tranquillity and harmony keep beneficial things far from life. This yantra assists overall power that streams around your environmental elements. Worshipping the yantra every day performs a significant part in day-to-day existence. One can show their devotion by offering a few blossoms too.

To draw in every one of the positive energies the Shree Yantra ought to be set in the North-East heading and the tip of the Yantra ought to confront the east course. The eye level and Shree Yantra's level ought to be equivalent.

Size of the Yantra 4”x4”, Gold plated in 24-carat Gold.

Sri Navagraha Yantra

Navagraha is nine grand bodies and divinities that impact human existence on Earth as indicated by Hinduism and Hindu astrology.[1] The term is gotten from Nava (Sanskrit: नव "nine") and graha (Sanskrit: ग्रह "planet, seizing, laying hold of, holding"). Note that the Earth, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are prohibited from the Navagraha. In any case, the Sun is essential for the Navagraha.
The majestic Navgraha Yantra benefit is to alleviate malefic impacts, and doshas of the planets and give the favours of the multitude of planets. It improves the impact of powerful planets of strength or very much positioned planets in the birth chart. Navgraha Yantra can be extremely valuable at home or working environment whenever put in a reasonable heading. The sacred mandala or math of the planets avoids negative energies and gets positive energies of overflow, satisfaction, great well-being and harmony.

Planets, celestial bodies and lunar nodes

No. Image Name Western equivalent Day
1 Surya, Aditya Sun Sunday
2 Chandra, Sooma Moon Monday
3 Mangala Mars Tuesday
4 Budha Mercury Wednesday
5 Bṛhaspati, Guru Jupiter Thursday
6 Shukra Venus Friday
7 Shani Saturn Saturday

Place it on the northeast, east wall.
Size: 4”x4”, 24-carat Gold plated.

Vastu Dosh Yantra

Water, earth, air, fire and sky are considered to be the main forces of nature. And in order to maintain a balance in nature, it is necessary to have a balance between them as well. Apart from every person present on the earth, the effect of these five elements will also be on living beings. There is some relationship between these five elements, which is called Vastu. The Vastu Yantra is a helpful tool for all those families who have built their homes on disputed land and are trying to establish a sense of harmony in their lives. Vastu dosh ideally should be addressed during the planning stages of a home. However, not everyone may be able to build their houses conforming to all Vastu principles. It is hard to make a home, according to Vastu, especially for individuals who live in flats and apartments. To correct the Vastu dosh created during the property construction, you must rely on Vastu remedies.
The best place to store your Vastu Yantra for your home is underground. You should evacuate your home's soil and bring it inside before starting the construction.
Regarding the Vastu Yantra, keep in mind to never keep it in front of the mirror. Also, do not let any dirt remain around the Vaastu Yantra. The Vastu Dosh Nivaran Yantra is based on geographical knowledge, orientation, surroundings, terrain, and science. Since ancient times, we have been straying from our Vedas in our quest to become more modernized and, consequently, experiencing challenges in our daily lives. The Sri Vastu Yantra energizes the area in which it is placed. It can be placed near the apartment's front door, shop, seating area, main hall, or workplace cabins. It should be positioned mostly in the East.

Size: 4”x4”, 24-carat Gold plated

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